You Already Own an EV Charger And You Don't Know It


Splitvolt, an outfit in Silicon Valley (Santa Clara, CA), has developed a splitter - splitting power from your dryer socket to power your EV. This seems like a great way to get Level 2 charging at home without hiring a certified professional and spending a ton of equipment, labor and installation. Their product, the splitter, is less than $500 and can be installed by a homeowner.

Why It Matters:

Installing an EV these days in NY and CA will run you $500 - $2,500, excluding the charger. You have to hire a certified electrician. You have to create a dedicated circuit. Sometimes you have to upgrade your panel. Now there is a way to choose to go EV and use existing hardware already installed in your home - a dryer plug, without hiring an electrician.

How does this fit into the larger trend:

Electrification is a mega trend for this decade. From transportation to real estate, electrification is changing the way we live and move. For consumer EV adoption to reach the mainstream, the economics will have to make sense to the end user. Splitvolt reduces friction to go EV by over 5x for home charging. And thats exciting.