V2X Technology - Say What?


V2X technology is the concept that electric vehicles can store and contribute electricy to meet our electricity needs. Homeowners can connect their cars when not in use to balance the grid. Fleet managers can cut their electric bills by having their electric fleets store electricity when its cheap and dispense it when is expensive. Companies like Fermata Energy provide the platforms, protocols and software management to make it all happen seamlessly.

Why It Matters:

The biggest problem with renewables is not the price, nor is it the availability. The sun and wind produce many more times the energy in 1 day than we collectively use in 1 year.  The problem is storing the electricity produced in a cost effective way to use it when we need it. When we need it is unpredictable because our grid connects us all.

Much like nodes on a network that provide stability, EVs connected to the grid or a commercial building, provide stability, reliability and much lower costs.

How does this fit into the larger trend:

For electrification to happen at a large scale, we need inexpensive ways to store the electricity. With EVs, there is a chance to play a dual role - radically changing our transportation landscape and at the same time provide the much needed upgrade to the grid.