Solar Carports That Makes Cents


A French solar company, Mecojit, introduced a new product - a solar carport that doesn't need excavation work and can be installed right on any surface. Even better, should the owner want, they can come with integrated EV chargers.

Why It Matters:

Many built environment projects get stalled for all sorts of reasons - permits, inspections, labor strikes, noise complaints. The fact that this system can be deployed at a fraction of the time and cost than a traditional installation removes a tremendous barrier to adoption.

Its also smart to pair solar carports with the new wave of EVs coming online at a furious pace. Lets see how they tackle the issues with connecting to the grid, but I am hopeful. Perhaps adding a battery could smooth both production and usage.

How does this fit into the larger trend:

While solar is becoming more accepted, the technology still seems foreign and cold to those who are not familiar. If this company and others can find rapid market adoption by removing installation barriers I am all for it.